Hello World!

After raising two children, spoiling our grandson and working some years; something was needed to fill our retirement.

Four cats & a dog seemed like a good idea at the time……………..and to be fair they are quite precious.  They just don’t understand the concept of personal space.

They think they should take mommy’s headbands for prey walks, or do a call of the wild thing at 4 a.m.  Mostly it’s paw prints on our new ceramic stove top.

Maybe it’s the lap invasion, while I’m knitting or the “mommy I need skritches”, as I am trying to work on the computer.  My husband’s favourite is the walking back & forth in front of the monitor. He now closes the computer room door, so he can work on his blog.

After supper you cannot get away without giving them treats.  They have learned that the loading of the dishwasher means supper is finished; now it is time for their treats.  Mica is finicky and does not bother with them most days.  On the other hand Zorah is addicted to them and takes them from your fingertips; sometimes he takes your fingertips. Tonka just looks at your fingers, so the treats get tossed on the floor. Missy prefers hers slid down the hallway, and wow can she guard goal.  Nothing gets past her.  On the rare occassion Tonka tries chasing the treats thrown for Missy, but though he is several years younger and heavier, he can’t get past her shoulder blocks.

Now the dog is aware of the pecking order in this house.  The cats have trained him that cats rule, dogs drool, so he has to wait for his treats until they are done with theirs.  He has to work for his treats, there is no free ride for him.

Oops mommy has to go…..someone needs some love.  Bye for now. Granma